How it works

  • A Permanent bracelet is a 9k solid gold chain that is custom welded on your wrist to your perfect size. A Bali souvenir that will last a lifetime.
  • The hardest part: pick the solid gold chain design of your choice.
  • Experience a tailored and comfortable fit as our experts ensure your bracelet is customised to your wrist measurements.
  • The chain is welded on your wrist using a small jumpring. Ready to be worn day in, day out! The bracelet doesn't have a clasp, making it a meaningful Bali souvenir or friendship bracelet.
  • The Permanent Bracelet service is for now only available in our store in Canggu, Bali.
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Pick your chain

In store you can choose from the following chain designs. Consider if you would like a very subtle chain or maybe a bit more special design. All chains are made of 9k solid gold for everlasting color and durability.


Where can I get a Permanent Bracelet?

We offer the Permanent Bracelet service at our store in Canggu, Bali. Unfortunately the service is not yet available in Uluwatu.

Do I need to book an appointment?

We do advise to book an appointment to ensure you don't have to wait.
Walk ins are for now only available on Wednesday's and Thursday's from 12 - 4 pm.

Why can't I book for every day of the week?

While we are just launching our Permanent Bracelet service availability is limited. You can find the available dates for the service in our booking form here.
We are doing our best to extend availability times and days for this new service as soon as possible.

What if I have to remove my bracelet?

If in any case you have to remove your Permanent Bracelet, for example for medical reasons, you can do so by cutting it with scissors at the small jumpring where the chain is welded together. This way it can easily be rewelded once you're ready again.

Will it give me problems going through airport scans?

No it is perfectly fine to have a permanent bracelet while traveling. You don't have to take off delicate jewelry when going through the security checks at the airport.

Is it safe to get a welded bracelet?

Yes is it perfectly safe. Our professional team will ensure safety at all time. The chain is welded on your wrist with a harmless and pain free "zap" and your wrist is protected with a piece of fabric at the spot where the chain will be welded together.

Only people who have a pacemaker should not get permanent jewelry.

Warranty policy


We can weld the jewelry again free of charge in these cases:

- In case you had to take the jewelry off, for medical reasons for
example. It’s best to cut it at the connecting jumpring.
- In case your bracelet snapped, but you still have it.
- We offer a 30 day warranty to come in and get your bracelet
re-welded in case you find the bracelet too big.

In these cases we can’t offer warranty:

- You’ve lost your bracelet
- The jewelry has become too small overtime. Unfortunately we
can’t extend the chains.
- As the jewelry is made to your personal measurements we can’t
offer refunds or exchanges on this product

Important: our service of Permanent Bracelets is only available in
Bali. Unfortunately we can’t offer re-welding when you’re not in
Balli anymore. In case this is needed you might try and visit a local
welder in your country.