Do you want to buy a ring online, but you are not sure which size you have? We are happy to help you. The rings from The Spice of Life are available in 6 sizes. Rings with sizes XXS and XS are often intended for the little finger. To find out which ring size is perfect for you, you can use the ring size chart below to quickly find the right size.

How do I find the right ring size?

1st method:

Do you already have a ring in the right size? Top! Then you can use this ring to find the matching size in the table below. Don't know the size of the ring? Then you can measure the diameter on the inside with a ruler. In the table you will find the corresponding size.

2e method:

Don't have a ring that fits well yet? Then measure your finger with a piece of string or with a piece of ribbon and measure the circumference in millimeters. In the table you will find the corresponding size.

If after this you do not arrive at a standard size indicated in the ring size table, please choose the nearest larger size.

If you are still not sure of your ring size after this, please send an email to with a clear photo of your hand. We often know what ring size you have just by looking at your hand!

Ring Size Finder