It all starts with my family. A family full of entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family gave me a mentality of tackling things and figuring out your own sh * t.
After working for a large Dutch e-commerce company for several years, the entrepreneurs' blood crawled where they could not go and I started to get restless. I wanted to do something different, build something from scratch, with my passion for e-commerce and fashion.
In addition to my full-time job, I started to teach myself things such as creating my own website. The Spice of Life was born from this passion project.
As a child I was never afraid to be slightly different. Which resulted in experimenting with a lot of different styles and, let's say, interesting outfit combinations. When I was about twelve years old I wore rings on every finger and this is where my love for jewelry and spicing things up started.
I have no training as a goldsmith because I like the mentality to figure things out and teach yourself. This can create challenging situations, but it also keeps things interesting. Through this open mindset we create jewelry that is not conventional and cannot be seen everywhere on the street, but that is just that little bit different and unique.


Our motto is to keep things spicy. We are not afraid to be just that little bit different and we design jewelry for babes that is just like that. The Spice of Life jewelry is always elegant, but with a spicy twist. We pay a lot of attention to detail to create an item that is extra special, just like you.
When designing new jewelry, we like to challenge ourselves to stay creative. For example, we often work with materials that we have never worked with before. Or we get inspired by trends from days gone by that might seem a bit boring or conventional and then create new, spicy designs from them.


Our top priority in creating new jewelry is quality and durability. We like to design jewelry that is on trend, but timeless and so we want it to last. We only work with the best materials to ensure that your jewelry remains beautiful.
All jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver. For the gold jewelry we also use real silver as a base combined with a high quality 18 carat gold plating. For the plating we use the micron plating technique. This ensures that the gold jewelry will also remain beautiful. Even if you keep them from showering every now and then.
Everything is handmade by craftsmen in Bali. Knowledge about jewelry making has been passed down in their families for generations. As a result, they specialize in creating the most detailed pieces by hand.
Our craftsmen receive fair salaries, work in a safe environment and receive strong social support.
Every part in the process is done with the greatest care. All jewelry is made from 100% recycled silver and the gold is purchased from certified companies.
Everything to make the most beautiful, spicy jewelry of top quality in a sustainable way. Especially for you.
We hope to spice up your daily outfit with our jewelry and make you feel your own, special, self. Ready to conquer the day.
Always remember, you are true spice.
Ilse - The Spice of Life