Our motto is to keep things spicy. We're not afraid to be a little different and we design jewelry for babes that are just that. The Spice of Life jewelry is always elegant, but with a spicy twist. We pay incredible attention to detail to create an item that is extra special, just like you.

Always remember, you are true spice

We do everything we can to make the most beautiful, spicy jewelry of the highest quality in a sustainable way. Especially for you. We hope to spice up your everyday outfit with our jewelry and make sure you feel your own, special, self. Ready to conquer the day.


It all starts with my family. A family full of entrepreneurs in fashion. After having worked for a large e-commerce company for years, the entrepreneurial blood crept where it couldn't go and I became restless. I wanted to do something new. Building something from scratch, with my passion for e-commerce and fashion. Besides my job I started teaching myself things like making a website. The Spice of Life was born from this passion project.

As a child I was not afraid to be different. I experimented with all kinds of styles and, shall we say, interesting outfits. When I was twelve years old I wore rings on every finger and this is where my love for “spicing things up” started.

I have not trained as a goldsmith because I like the mentality of figuring things out along the way and learning yourself. With this open mindset, we want to create jewelry that is not conventional, but rather different and unique.

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