Earparty time! Create the perfect ear party for spring.

Gold earrings, silver earrings, stud earrings, minimalist earrings and hoops earrings. There is so much choice! Why make it difficult for yourself by only putting in 1 pair of earrings when you can wear everything together? One of the best spring trends is the mismatching of earrings: wearing different earrings on both ears. This trend is perfect if you have multiple ear holes and can create an ear party look that really suits you perfectly.
Choose your faves
We love to minimalist studs with each other or with hoops earrings to combine. That way you can keep it minimalist but spicy. It is therefore important that you do not just pick up the earrings you wear every day, but take a good look at your earrings collection. Which one do you wear less often? Which earrings do you keep for special occasions? Which one do you love but have you secretly never worn? Everyone has such earrings in their collection. Now is the time to take them showing, in your spring earparty!
Then we look at the color. Do you want a complete golden set? Or just one silver set? Nowadays there are actually no more rules for combining jewelry. You can even wear gold and silver together! How nice is that?
Here are some of our favorite spring looks:

  1. Add a little bit of… Spice!


Here are the Liana Hoops in 12 mm and 16 mm combined for a spicy but minimalist ear party. To give it an extra contrast, we have the Small Pearl Hoops earrings added. This is a very simple, but fun way of combining earrings. Everyone probably has two simple hoops in their collection, add a statement piece, et voilà! You have a perfect spring set.
Take a look at our earrings and click on the photos to get extra inspiration. If you want something detailed hoops earrings are the Twisted Mood Hoops (12mm or 16mm), Fish Bone Hoops (12mm, 14mm or 16mm) or the Tiny Flowers Hoops (12mm or 16mm) also very nice options!
  1. The Butterfly Effect


Look how nice such Butterfly Chain Earring stands with some extra studs. If you are not into hoops earrings and you prefer studs, then this is the perfect earparty for you! Fine earrings with beautiful designs that reflect spring. And no matter how small the earrings are, they are sure to attract attention and create a pleasant conversation.

In the past there were mainly studs made of glittering stones, but nowadays there are so many more studswith which you can let your personality shine. Take a look at our stud earrings page for inspiration! Another type of earring that we are completely fan of are the Chain earrings. These are earrings with a subtle chain which hang beautifully around your earlobe and provide that extra bit spice! Combine these two types of earrings and you have a little piece of magic on your ear.
One of our favorite on-trend items can also be found in this image? Can you guess what it is?  
  1. Structures!

Yes, we totally like this! Combining structures and different sizes. Here are the Twisted Mood Hoops (12mm), the Fish Bone Hoops (16mm) and the Twisted Ear Cuff can be seen as an earparty. A nice set to make your outfit even better.

By not only combining different structures, but also different sizes, you create more dimension in your look. Add another simple stud and you're ready to go. The set is not only beautiful to look at, but also very playful.
Add ear cuffs to your set.
Everyone knows the pain that you get for free when putting a piercing and healing it. We have now really found a great solution for that. One of our favorite on-trend items are the earcuffs. Really a must have for every ear party. The pain and discomfort of an ear piercing are gone, but the looks and spice stay - the best of both worlds!
Add an earcuff to a minimalist look to add a little more spice, or just add one to complete the look. The best thing about our ear cuffs are that you can put them in very easily and take them off very easily. In addition, they are available in both gold and silver. If you're looking for some more inspiration, check out the following earspiration look.



Hopefully we have given you enough inspiration for a spring look with this. Now that we've shown you our favorite trends, favorite looks and favorite jewelry, it's entirely up to you. Find your own personal style and mix and match. Don't be afraid to grab other items and step out of your comfort zone - it will make you shine!

All the above earrings are available in gold and silver. Click hereto look through the silver earrings and click here to see through the gold earrings.

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