The best nail polish trends and how you can match your jewelry.

A few years ago, everyone wore either a classic French manicure, a colored gel polish, short nails or slightly longer (fake) nails. But who would have thought we needed these nail polish trends in our lives ?! We don't, but we're super happy they are here to make our ring parties even more fun.

The very first nail polish trend that makes us completely happy are French manicures with a colored tip. Not only does it make a classic manicure even more fun, it also looks great with your jewelry

Mix and match a beautiful ring party and you are ready to start the day, or to start the night. Here @miloutjioe wears the Twisted Mood ring with the Stardust White Ring. The navy blue french tips add just a little spice to the ring party!

You can of course use this nail polish trend in all colors and on all nails (long or short). Pastel colored, with a nice print or another soft color on each finger. Very nice for the warm months this trend!

Colored nails are not a new trend anymore of course, but we loved these pastel colored nails from @originail_art so beautiful for spring! This one just had to be in between. A plus to pastel-colored nails? You can combine them beautifully with both silver-colored jewelry and gold-colored jewelry. Pastel-colored nails are often beautiful with shorter nails and also very beautiful for the minimalist woman. This way your jewelry can remain minimalist, but still give your nails that little bit of extra spice so that your look is finished quickly and you can leave the house! We love it!

of our favorite nail polish trends of the moment: swirl nails. This is such a fun way to turn powder pink nails into some art! You can use white swirls or add a combination of colored swirls, as shown in the picture, to skip a nail or leave it very minimalistic by coloring a small area. Ribka has chosen to add artwork and a number of swirls on each nail. So nice to see in combination with our jewelry This trend is the perfect combination between thick and thin lines, abstract pieces of nail polish art and use of color!

As the last nail polish trend we have the BIAB treatment. This trend, and hopefully a keeper, is perfect for nail biters or those with weaker nails. A BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) treatment is a flexible reinforcement for your nails. The product contains a nail strengthening gel, which makes your own nails firmer and healthier after a while. Many BIAB brands are also vegan, cruelty free and 10-free. 10-free means there are no chemicals in it.

Here Ribka has a BIAB nail polish with the color 019. A beautiful color for a natural, minimalist look that you can combine well with the Stardust White ring, Delicate Chain ring and the Tiny Flowers ring.

So plenty of fun trends and inspiration for the coming spring and summer time! An extra tip from us: take a look at Pinterest or our website at the ring photos to get even more inspiration. We are now very curious about your favorite nail polish trends of the moment. Leave a comment and who knows, we might try it out next time! 

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