Trend: subtle earrings & ear piercings

Previously you saw many large, striking earrings in all kinds of colors. Recently you see more and more subtle earrings in silver or (rose) gold. In addition to holes in the earlobes, it is also becoming increasingly trendy to have several minimalist earrings and having ear piercings in the ear. By mixing & matching with all kinds of subtle earrings you can lose your creativity in a fashionable "earcandy" and you no longer always have to wear a pair of earrings. Be inspired by a number of examples and shopping tips to put together your own minimalist earrings collection.

Shop tips for subtle earrings

Create your own minimalist collection. Make the choice in advance whether you go for silver or gold. For example, are you a cool (= silver) or warm (= gold) type? Of course you can also make a combination between gold and silver! Any match is good with subtle earrings.

The subtle earring with Daisy Chain stud for a subtle stud.

The Oval Hugging Hoops, beautiful minimalist hoops for an everyday look that still adds some spice. Our fave!


The Tiny Flowers Hoops earrings for a spicy, but subtle look. 

Hoops earrings always do well. The Cubic Zirconia hugging hoops are extra easy to put in due to the click system and have a very subtle look. The Fish bone hoops and the Liana Hoops have a slightly more edgy look, but still fit well with the subtle earrings trend due to the small rings. This earring is available in different sizes so that you can also combine two of the rings, for example.

Hopefully you have been able to get some inspiration for you with our tips minimalist earrings collection! Do you want to see more or shop directly? Then view all our earrings.

By wearing subtle earrings you are also quickly good at combining other jewelry. For example, you can always wear a large necklace, something that quickly becomes too much with large earrings.

What do you think of this trend? And what do you think about having multiple piercings in your ear?

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