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Personal jewelry is at the heart of self-expression and lasting memories.

Do you want to spoil yourself with a true investment piece? Discover our timeless jewelry that is worth investing in. This fall, inspiration has been drawn from the beauty of nature. Cut with love by craftsmanship from Bali and transformed into sparkling jewelry the Birthstone collection to arise. With high-quality gemstones and an even higher gold plating than you are used to from us, it has become a real jewel.
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The right investment pieces
Personalize your jewelry stack with these meaningful birth jewelry. Due to the minimalistic and timeless design, these earrings, necklace charms in the ring in itself the perfect basis for a subtle daily look. Do you like something a little different? For example, wear the charm on the Basic Chain Armband, or stack the Birthstone ring with two different stones for a sparkling look.

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Personal & Elegant
For example, choose the beautiful rose quartz, the beautiful sapphire or purple amethyst. Or connect your jewelry with the birth month in which you were born or that of a loved one. There's nothing like a unique piece of jewelry with personal meaning. Each month has a specific birthstone and birth flower with its own positive effects and history. Read on quickly about everything you want to know about your birthstone.

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January - Grenade
If you're in January born, you are ambitious and driven to achieve your goals. You have a quick mind and you learn quickly. The birthstone belonging to the month of January is the Garnet. Garnet is the gemstone of hope, courage and optimism. The deep orange stone gives you renewed energy, confidence and the courage to follow all your dreams.

February - Amethyst
You are unique, independent and a deep thinker. People born in February are the most unpredictable: always evolving and exciting. Your birthstone is the beautiful and mysterious Amethyst. This gemstone not only improves your productivity but also calms your mind.

March - Aquamarine
You are gentle, romantic and mysterious. If you were born in March is your birthstone the Aquamarine and how perfectly it suits you is almost indescribable. The gemstone helps to embrace the sweet flow of life you crave so much. The Aquamarine stands for confidence and tranquility.

April - White Topaz
If you were born in april the White Topaz is your birthstone, it stands for a new life, pure energy and ambition. This gemstone enhances individuality and creativity – you are known as a resilient, loyal and spicy type. You're sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

With - Smaragd
If you were born in with your birthstone is the ever-beautiful Emerald. It stands for peace and prosperity. You are hardworking, intelligent and strong. It is said that when you wear this gemstone, it brings you prosperity, good luck and powerful positivity. You have a strong intuition and you will always follow your own path in life.

June - Moonstone
You are mysterious and not easy to gauge - playful, curious and constantly looking for new ways to express yourself. The beautiful Moonstone is your birthstone if you were born in June. Moonstones provide a calm, balanced vibe and help you relax. This gemstone will add passion, happiness and joy to your life.

July - Ruby
De Rubijn stands for sensuality, love, passion, energy and success. You are known for being loyal, ambitious and encouraging. Wearing a ruby will help amplify these positive qualities and make you feel more energetic. It is said that the Ruby is charged by the sun and the wearer can enjoy all the benefits that the sun offers.

August - Peridot
The beautiful green colored Peridot is your birthstone if you were born in augustus. She stands for purpose, focus and strength. To those around you, you radiate an aura that is so passionate and full of warm energy. Wearing this gemstone will only enhance your positivity. It brings you more focus, energy and creativity.

September - Sapphire
If you were born in september your birthstone is the ever-beautiful Sapphire, also known as Lapis. The gemstone represents pure energy and wisdom and is one of the most sought after gemstones. It is said that wearing the stone can bring you an abundance of beautiful moments. People born in September are known for being humble, hardworking and friendly. Wearing the gemstone enhances these qualities.

Gouden Geboortesteen ring

October - Tourmaline
No other gemstone has such beautiful colors. The Tourmaline stands for self love, transformation and compassion. She is absolutely perfect for you. From people who in October are known to have a unique personality and sense of style, just like the pink tourmaline.

November - Citrus
This beautiful fresh colored gemstone represents health, wealth and energy. Wearing this gemstone will increase your happiness, focus and your energy level. It's the gem of good vibes - something you always seem to radiate.

December - Blue Topaz
the radiant Blue Topaz stands for strength, dedication, energy and your adventurous personality. When you wear a blue Topaz, it brings you joy, harmony and creativity. It also helps you stay true to yourself and to your path.

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